About Us: Kashmir Ka

Welcome to Kashmir Ka, where authenticity meets excellence in the heart of Lethpora, Pampore—the very soil where the world's finest saffron blossoms. As local farmers with a legacy deeply rooted in the fertile lands of Kashmir, we take pride in cultivating the world-renowned saffron that graces our region.

Our Story:

Founded by Muzamil Fayaz, the CEO of Kashmir Ka, our journey begins in the picturesque landscapes of Lethpora. With a passion for preserving our cultural heritage and delivering premium quality, we have cultivated a range of saffron products that embody the essence of our rich Kashmiri soil.

The Essence of Kashmiri Saffron:

Nurtured under the watchful gaze of the Himalayas, our saffron is a testament to the pristine environment of Pampore. We bring you the very soul of Kashmir in every strand, ensuring that your experience with Kashmir Ka is a true reflection of the region's unparalleled saffron heritage.

Contact Us:

- Muzamil Fayaz, CEO:
- Phone: +91-7006154418
- Email: info@kashmirka.com

Our Commitment:

At Kashmir Ka, our commitment extends beyond cultivating saffron; it embraces the spirit of our community and the heritage we proudly represent. We invite you to explore our offerings, connecting with the tradition and quality that make Kashmir Ka a unique and trusted source for the world's best saffron.

Experience the Essence:

Discover the rich tapestry of Kashmiri saffron with Kashmir Ka. Whether you are a saffron enthusiast or someone seeking the highest quality, we invite you to embark on a journey with us—a journey that captures the essence of Kashmir's golden fields and the dedication of its people.

Thank you for choosing Kashmir Ka. We look forward to sharing the warmth and richness of our saffron with you.


Muzamil Fayaz
CEO, Kashmir Ka